I can't believe that schools go back next week (in Scotland)! Normally I track the summer frantically prepping for a new class but thi...

Going to School

Wednesday, August 09, 2017 BookBairn Blog 8 Comments

BookBairn: Books About Going to School
I can't believe that schools go back next week (in Scotland)! Normally I track the summer frantically prepping for a new class but this is my second summer on career break so I haven't paid any attention to the dates. But my best friend's little boy starts primary school next week and I have gathered a little bundle of books for him as a 'your a big school boy now' gift. These are books we have been sent from publishers but BookBairn isn't really old enough to appreciate and I'd rather they went to a good home! But there is one that I just had to share on the blog because it is just brilliant! Perfect for introducing children to school through simple story telling and great illustrations.

Generally I don't find "my first.." sorts of books to be all that exciting. Useful, practical, but not exciting. Not true for "Going to School" by Rose Blake. This is really brilliant. It is an exploration of a day in the life of a little girl at school following her all day from her journey to school to when she gets picked up at the end of the day. And it highlights almost every important feature of the day! We also meet a whole cast of her classmates for vary in all shapes, sizes, colours and ambitions!

The day starts with everyone walking, scooting, cycling, busing, driving... to school and entering the classroom to hang up their coats and bags at the pegs. And this page is perfectly depicted (except the cloakroom is a lot tidier than I have ever seen one). Miss Balmer has written the timetable on the whiteboard and discusses the plan for the day with the children and then they are off on a journey of fun learning! The book shares some of the main subjects taught in school from geography, PE, science to maths and literacy but it also shows multiple activities on each page so you get a feel for various sort of science lessons that Miss Balmer has done with the children or a selection of activities that the children use the computer for. Similarly at play and lunch times the children are all doing different things so you can get a feel for the variety that happens in school.

And this is the charm of the book. Whilst it is told from the viewpoint of one character, there is so much going that you can discuss! So even if you don't ride your scooter to school you can spot a child getting there the way you do. Or doing an art activity that you enjoy. Or acting out one of the many jobs the children want to do when they are older. You can easily find yourself, or your child in this book. I would love to think that I was a little like Miss Balmer when I was teaching - she just seems awesome and it's no wonder her class adore her.

The illustrations are striking, colourful and so full you could easily spend hours looking at them. Have a look at the video below to get a feel for them.

And I just want to have a special mention to the text about reading time because it sings to my soul: "Your imagination can take you to lots of exciting places when you're reading!" Could this book be any more perfect?

I hope our big boy friend loves it as much as I do! And we hope he gets on well when he starts school next week. We cant' wait to hear all about his new adventure.

Good luck Brodie!
Love, Kim and Lottie and Harvey xx

*DISCLAIMER* We were sent this book for review by the publisher, all words and opinions are my own. And we are gifting this one rather than adding it to our own library.


  1. What a lucky boy that Auntie Kim is a book blogger - and an excellent one too! Xxx

    1. Thank you! Hope he likes it and can't wait to hear all about his big boy adventures at school xx

  2. Best wishes to Brodie. Great excitement. It won't be long until BookBairn is joining him. Enjoy every moment.

  3. What a fab book and great for this time of year! Thanks for linking with #readwithme

  4. This looks absolutely gorgeous and the perfect starting school gift. Great for stimulating conversations and discussions to ease any worries or answer any questions that Brodie may have :o)


    1. Absolutely! I think parents and children could pour over this one for hours!